14 August 2009


Hello, and welcome to my blogging experience 2.0! I blogged for several months last year during the heat of the presidential campaign as a way of expressing my frustration over the entire process; from poor choices among the major parties to the overall sense that the media were asleep at the switch, it wasn't a great time to be me. If you're interested in my take on that time, check out blindleadblind.blogspot.com. After the election was over, I went back to my "real" life, determined to find a way to make a difference using the talents God has given me. Watching the last seven months unfold has convinced me that I need to get back into the fray, seeking truth and sharing it as broadly as I can. Hence, a new blog was born.

I'm calling it "The Truth Conquers All" because I believe strongly in the power of the truth to give our lives meaning and direction. The truth -- simple or complex, easy or hard -- is the only tool or weapon that we can ultimately use to fight through the web of deceit being spun around us daily. In this blog I'll share the truth as best I can see it, using the good sense God has given me.

Note: I'm fiscally and socially conservative, and my blog will reflect this worldview. That doesn't mean I'll be in the tank for anyone; after all, the truth isn't the exclusive parish of one party or group. We'd all do well to remember that.

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